Impellers, regular checks are important

Without an impeller in good shape, the engine will not cool down properly and even worse, it is likely to break down.

If an impeller looks like this one, well, this is high time to change it!

Not only dates of check are to be kept in mind but also 2 other facts :

- if the impeller stays for a long time in the same position

- if the impeller stays in a dry environment, such as dry docking.

Always keep on board :

- a spare impeller

- seal fitting the impeller

- some lubrificant to avoid the new impeller to get damaged upon starting the engine the time the water comes in

- screwdriver, lamp, rags, ...., all the tools required to change the impeller.

Last but not least, if the impeller is changed afloat, the valve has to be closed in order to prevent sea water from coming in !

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