Reading an article relating the 31m MY Ordisi catching fire while out of the water in Alicante, made me want to post a quick reminder about safety on board.

As you know yachts can be made of several materials whether it is aluminium, stainless or fiberglass none of them like fire very much.

The first danger of hot works on board is FIRE.

Therefore it is essential to follow a few basic rules in order to avoid any problems.

In this case, fire started while the workers were welding.

I found interesting that the article reported that more than 1 million litres of water have been used to extinguish the fire which got reactivated a bit later it was first extinguished.

Between the toxic fumes of fiberglass burning and the water used, it goes without saying that this kind of event is not what we could call neither human nor evironmentally friendly.

Back to our basic safety rules, making sure that :

- the persons performing the hot works are well qualified and that their qualifications are up to date and still valid

- the hot workers have signed a shipyard document authorising them to proceed and mentioning the exact place of the work (where they can be found on board in case of emergency)

- one person has been designated as the "fireman" during the works, meaning that he has to overlook the works and check for any problems

- there is a means of communication for rapid alert is in place (phone fully charged, ...)

- there is a proper extinguisher in working condition where the works are being performed

- there is a water hose under pressure ready to be used or some source of water available on the works area

- a fire fighting cover can be a good thing to have nearby too

- this is common sense, but make sure that the person in charge of safety knows how to operate the fire fighting devices.

ALERT ASAP in case of problem notifying clearly where you are, what happened and the degree of emergency.

One last word, CALM is the key in all emergency cases.

Photo: Facebook/Benidorm & Costa Blanca News & Information Forum

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