Never forget to tie well your boat... even when out of the water !

Winter brings non stop storms all over France and Europe this year.

Sadly, this last couple of years I have never seen so many sailing yachts, mainly racing ones, on the ground….

A few reminders for when your boat is on the hard:

- Make sure you know where the winds are coming from and what are the main winds in the area where the boat is

- Several ways to secure your boat (the more, the better!): concrete blocks, eyes in the ground, a halyard facing the wind

- Position your boat facing the wind and make sure that she will not get the wind from the sides which could make her very unstable

- Check the lines, making sure no line will rub against a surface that could make it break

- Do not forget to keep an eye on the weather forecast and to check the boat as regularly as possible during the windy periods.

Following these tips, you should avoid some possibly nasty damages to your floating toy.

Bye for now,


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